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Earwaves 2017 in Stavanger!

Earwaves 2015 in Stavanger!


Stavanger – 27/12/14 – Cementen – Wunderkammer

Saturday, December 27, 2014
20:00 - All Ages
Cementen (map)
Stavanger, Norway

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Per Zanussi Ensemble at Earwaves 2014

Here’s a video of a piece from the Earwaves festival in Stavanger, with my new large ensemble.

Live in Coimbra video

Here is a video from the recording of Live in Coimbra. The tune is called “Conundrum” and is not on the record.

New Zanussi 5 record: Live in Coimbra


Coimbra Cover













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Festival in Stavanger 3/4 October!

Earwaves plakat 1

Two tracks from Zanussi 13 Live

Zanussi 13 Live-Body and Zeuhl by perzanussi

3 Zanussi 13 Live – Amorous Parade by perzanussi

New live record out on Moserobie on the 26th of January with Zanussi 13!


Øyvind Brække – Trombone
Eirik Hegdal – Baritone sax / clarinet
Klaus Holm – Alto- and baritone sax / clarinet
Mikko Innanen – Alto sax
Per Oddvar Johansen – Drums
Martin Kuchen – Alto sax
Jonas Kullhammar – Tenor sax
Jørgen Mathisen – Tenor sax/clarinet
Kjetil Møster – Tenor sax, clarinet and percussion
Gard Nilssen – Drums
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm – Alto sax
Stian Westerhus – Guitar
Per Zanussi – Double bass

Oslo – 05/06/11 – Ny Musikk – M.Moore, E.Boeren,W.Wierbos,S.Solberg, PZ

M.Moore, E.Boeren,W.Wierbos,S.Solberg, PZ
Sunday, June 5, 2011
18:00 - All Ages
Oslo, Norway

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